Installing and Updating

Obtaining Thirdlane Software

All the components of Thirdlane Multi Tenant and Thirdlane Business PBX are packaged as ISO images and are available for download on the Thirdlane web site download page.

You have to be registered and logged in on the website in order to download.

AWS Installation

For AWS installation, Thirdlane provides images that are available in various AWS regions. Please contact Thirdlane if you need any assistance with AWS, or any other cloud installation.

Private Cloud Installation

Thirdlane Multi Tenant or Thirdlane Business PBX can be installed on bare metal servers or in a variety of virtual environments.

The installation process is specific to the environment in which you will be installing Thirdlane so you should refer to the documentation for your environment.

As far as the actual installation - just follow the steps in the installer where you would only have to specify disk configuration, your server time zone, root password and network configuration parameters.

Please make a note of your root password. You will need it for system management and for the first Log in into Configuration Manager web GUI.

Update After the Installation

Thirdlane platform components and applications are packaged as RPMs. Thirdlane ISO images may be lagging behind the RPMs available in the Thirdlane RPM repository, so after the initial installation from the ISO you should make sure that the latest RPMs are installed.

To do that, at the shell prompt run the following commands:

yum clean all
yum update

Regular Software Updates

Thirdlane publishes information about new software releases in the News and Announcements forum on the Thirdlane website. To update your system to the latest version you can run the commands above. Please make sure that you have a working backup or a snapshot of your server before updating.

Please contact Thirdlane if you need any assistance.

To avoid software conflicts and incompatible versions of software do not enable any non Thirdlane RPM repositories when performing updates.