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Version 9/0/2 MTE, updated yesterday, 9/13/2018 form 8.N.N (forgot but the last one before v9)

I have a customer that records every call that comes into their main line support huntlist (a pain in itself).

I went into the admin gui to see if they've been cleaning up after themselves and they weren't. I noticed that removing them from the gui (thousands) back 4 mths was painfully slow, so I thought i'll remove them from shell.

I found the System/preferences/ setting for "keep recordings for N days", was infinite, I set it to 30 while I was there yesterday.

they are in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/extensions/YYYY/MM/DD/*.WAV

I manually removed the files from one day, then checked in the GUI for them, they were still listed there BUT had no check box to remove them. Makes sense since the files were gone.
So I said,
"let's see if there is a cleanup script to take them out of the DB if the files are gone"

Today, IN the GUI, all of those recordings that were LISTED there yesterday that were older than 30 days were not listed today... Good I think, there is a cleanup script.

Then I go look at the file directories on the disk: THEY ARE ALL STILL THERE, going back two years.

QUESTIONS: Is the cleanup script broken? or is the intention to leave the files on the disk forever?
Or does it work but only for the most recent 30 day old directory files?
Should we make a cron to cleanup or will this "Feature" be fixed?



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Turns out there is a script:
There's a script:

Which is supposed to delete files older than N days globally and/or by Tenant.. apparently either isn't running or doesn't have perms to do it. the Cron's are obscured so can't tell anything more about it??? Help

We could write our own pretty easily to do the work, but it would be better if things worked like they are supposed to.