Thirdlane Business PBX

Thirdlane Business PBX provides an advanced, reliable and cost effective solution for telephony and Unified Communications to organizations of all sizes. It also enables UCaaS providers who are using Thirdlane Multi Tenant to support larger customers, providing the same advanced features and using a familiar set of tools and applications.

While it grew out of our field tested PBX software and retained "PBX" in its name, Thirdlane Business PBX provides a lot more than a typical PBX as it supports direct and group messaging, voice and video conferencing, file and screen sharing, integrations, and more.

It is common for service providers and resellers to use Thirdlane Multi Tenant or Thirdlane UC Cluster for managing many smaller customers and host larger customers on dedicated servers or VMs running Thirdlane Business PBX.

Thirdlane Business PBX includes Configuration Manager for administrators of all levels, and User Portal for end users. Thirdlane Connect application is included at no additional cost.