The open architecture and built-in customization capabilities allow Thirdlane customers and partners to configure Thirdlane products to meet the most complex business requirements.  For cases where you may need professional support, Thirdlane offers Professional Services from our expert technical team on an hourly basis.   

Thirdlane offers expert configuration, customization, and software development services specializing in Thirdlane products. but also including system architecture, VoIP, Asterisk PBX, and a host of other related infrastructure and application areas.

Get help from Thirdlane with:

  • Thirdlane product configuration, customization, and integration

  • Helping resolve system problems not covered under Thirdlane Product Maintenance

  • Custom and vertical market solutions based on Thirdlane communications products

  • General IP telephony solutions development

To discuss your professional services requirements, please contact us.

"Hosted VoIP solutions based on Asterisk and the Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX are popular with our customers because they get all the features of a business phone system with low up-front costs, fast deployment and reasonable monthly payments. Competitive products are very expensive and often charge per seat. We're seeing strong interest in Asterisk-based solutions such as Third Lane's because they're simply more flexible and affordable."

Erik Smith
Chief Technology Officer of BluegrassNet