Whether you are deploying Thirdlane Multi-Tenant PBX platform, Thirdlane Business PBX, or Call Center, you are never alone - we have a large community of users with years of experience, and with our professional Maintenance and Support services, you get Thirdlane supporting you every step of the way.

Thirdlane offers Community support  and Professional support to ensure your success with Thirdlane powered solutions and solve your problems quickly.  Additional specialized support packages tailored to specific customers' requirements are also available upon request.

  • Community Support is available to everyone, and  includes documentation, FAQs, and Community Forums. We have a number of active members who may be able to provide you with an answer to your question or issue, although there are no guarantees on the timeliness or accuracy of information provided by third parties on the Forums.
  • Professional Support is available to Thirdlane customers or prospective customers on an hourly basis to assist with installing, configuring, or customizing your Thirdlane product, answering detailed technical questions, or for developing new scripts or features for Thirdlane products. Current (under Maintenance) license entitles to software updates but does not provide access to support.

If you have a Support Agreement, Thirdlane Standard Support offers varying response times and case handling based on case priority levels. Please select the correct priority level for fastest service.

Please follow these guidelines when submitting support requests:

  • P1 = A Production Thirdlane installation is completely inaccessible or the majority of its functionality is unusable
  • P2 = One or more important features of a Production Thirdlane installation has become unusable.
  • P3 = Any other case
  • P4 = All enhancement requests.

In order to identify and fix the reported issue Thirdlane requires that you provide a general description of the operating environment, a list of all hardware components, a reproducible test case,  any log files, and SSH access to your server(s).