Intuitive Easy to Use Dialer for Mobile Users
Thirdlane Mobile Dialer

Thirdlane Mobile Dialer is an easy to use dialer app for Android based mobile phones.

Thirdlane Mobile Dialer uses Thirdlane PBX or Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX to call back your mobile phone and connect you with the party you are calling - simple and reliable.

Thirdlane Mobile Dialer Screenshots

Key features of Thirdlane Mobile Dialer

  • PBX Caller ID. Person you are calling sees your PBX Caller ID - not your mobile phone number.
  • Call Forwarding. One touch forwarding of your office extension to your mobile phone.
  • My Extension. Access to your office extension settings such as Voicemail configuration, Call Forwarding, Call Screening, Call Blocking, and Call Recording.
  • Contacts. You can dial contacts stored on your phone via PBX or directly. Contacts in a Company Directory are also available on your mobile phone.
  • Call History. You can see all the inbound and outbound calls for your PBX extension and use history to callback.
  • Voicemail. You can see all the voicemail messages left in your PBX mailbox and listen to them from your mobile.

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