Thirdlane PBX 6.0 Simplifies Asterisk Management, Provisioning and Business Process Integration

Thirdlane PBX 6.0 advances Asterisk PBX management to new level of functionality and ease-of-use with multi-site management, CRM integration, real-time conference management and expanded integration and management capabilities.

FAIRFAX, Calif., May 14, 2008

Third Lane Technologies today announced a suite of powerful new capabilities for the Thirdlane PBX software appliance and Thirdlane PBX Manager GUI. The newest version of the company's open management platform for Asterisk, Thirdlane PBX 6.0 adds features for hosted IP-PBX service providers, VARs, and end users.

"Thirdlane PBX is unique because it enhances Asterisk management without limiting its capabilities" says Third Lane's Founder and CEO Alex Epshteyn. "A proven field-tested GUI and new features like multi-site management, CRM integration and enhanced device auto-provisioning make Thirdlane PBX the most mature, feature-rich and flexible system on the market."

A Proven Solution for Managing Asterisk PBX

Thirdlane simplifies management of the popular open source Asterisk PBX, while giving system integrators access to the full Asterisk feature set for building and deploying telephony applications. VoIP service providers also benefit from PBX Manager's full multi-tenant capabilities for managing multiple virtual hosted Asterisk PBXs for small businesses.

"With the multi-tenant edition, customers can start with a hosted system," says James Sturtevant, CEO of Sigma Networks, a Sunnyvale, CA supplier of hosted and on-premises IP-PBX and networking systems. "When they grow, all they have to do is install an on-premises PBX. They can use the same phones. So it allows me to gain customers at an earlier stage and keep them through the entire lifecycle without additional training."

Since its debut in 2003 PBX Manager for Asterisk has proven itself as a robust and flexible platform for delivering business-class voice services, both on-premises and as hosted IP-PBX systems.

"PBX Manager has been a core part of our business since the beginning," says Jon Warren, CEO of Business First Solutions a supplier of hosted IP-PBX services. "Almost 90 percent of our clients are call centers, many with multiple offices and remote employees. PBX Manager's Web interface lets clients manage all those locations centrally, and re-route calls on the fly and have the changes take effect immediately."

A Competitive Solution for Service Providers

Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX 6.0 (multi-tenant edition) builds on this foundation to further enhance service providers' product portfolios, making it easier than ever to deploy and maintain the Asterisk PBX and hosted IP-PBX installations.

“With enhanced conference room management, CRM displays, management of multiple servers using a single Web interface, multi-level IVR, advanced 'hunt' groups and more, PBX Manager 6.0 is just what we've been looking for," says George Stoutenburgh, CEO of Colorado-based AxisInternet, a national ISP and VoIP provider. “We now have the system to replace the conventional PBXs and compete with larger national providers.”

The new release also enhances Thirdlane PBX's value as a unified platform for deploying communications services and building seamless business processes that integrate voice.

“Thirdlane delivers open source where it matters,” explains Robert Messer, President of ABP Technology, a national value-added reseller network specializing in VoIP and IP communications. "It provides a powerful, clean interface for users and administrators, while giving our Reseller Partners full access to the underlying Asterisk platform for configuring or creating customized IP Telephony solutions. They can plug-in their own modules without complicating support or upgrades."

Thirdlane PBX 6.0 Highlights:

Cluster management, enabling service providers and system administrators to manage multiple servers from a single management console with a single sign-on

Enhanced auto-provisioning that supports more phones out-of-the-box and extends VAR's ability to customize the provisioning process.

Enhanced conference configuration and management, delivering full-featured conferencing with real-time conference control through a rich Web interface

CRM Integration with pre-configured connections to popular CRM solutions and search engines, plus the ability to custom-configure screen pops with any Web-based CRM

Availability: Thirdlane PBX 6.0 is available now. For more information, visit or email

About Third Lane

One of the first management tools for Asterisk, Thirdlane's flagship product Thirdlane PBX simplifies customization and configuration of the Asterisk IP-PBX and is used by businesses and service providers worldwide. Because Thirdlane PBX requires no special Linux or Asterisk expertise and can be installed in minutes, it's an ideal solution for any businesses that wants to leverage open source telephony.

Thirdlane PBX's extensive feature set and high performance design make it an ideal platform for service providers and facility managers that want to offer hosted IP-PBX services to multiple tenants. Because the system delivers easy access to the full power and functionality of Asterisk, system integrators and developers can use it to efficiently build and deploy end-to-end businesses processes that integrate voice.

Founded in 2003, Third Lane Technologies, LLC is based in Fairfax, California. For more information please visit or call 1 (415) 261-6600.

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