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I have started dropping inbound calls, and I see a sip Loop Detected message coming back from my sip trunking provider. I see a reference to a loop detection fix in Asterisk 1.4.22, and I wondered if it might help me.

I'm currently running Asterisk 1.4.18 and MTE PBX Mgr What are you MTE guys running?

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Good to hear from you! I thought you got dragged away or something!

I was running 1.4.18 and upgraded to 1.4.22, it is more stable. 1.4.23 was just release, will wait a few weeks before making the jump. PBX manager is

Be sure to check twice, it is always strange when something starts happening when it has been stable for months.


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Hey, Matt! I'm still here. We've just been crazy busy the last couple of months. I thought I sent you an email a week or two ago. But, maybe I just thought I did and really do need to be dragged away to a padded room.

I may go ahead and upgrade us to 1.4.18.

The problem I had when I started this thread was a Loop Detected message coming back from my sip trunk provider. Turns out it was a problem with my sip.conf file. I have canreinvite=yes for all of my customers' phones because I'm able to do that with the Edgemarc router. The intent is to keep extension to extension call media off of my server.

My sip trunk provider doesn't support reinvite, and I we was sending reinvites to him. His server replied with Loop Detected. I added canreinvite=no to the general section of sip.conf and haven't seen the error again.

Problem solved. We're off to do a 25 phone install tomorrow complete with hosted Exchange mail boxes, Share Point and inbound fax to email (through our Thirdlane server). First of the week we do another 15 phone install.

You need to come to this side of the hemisphere and help me!