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Would be interested if anyone has looked at using Thirdlane to deliver SIP trunk services. There are a few significant changes that would need to be done that I can see, but could probably be done by someone who is clever with the scripts

- Ability to send calls to registration (ie extension) with the did as the destination. Multiple dids to the same extension. I guess this would be in the userexten scripts.

- Allowing an extension to dial out using whatever callerid is delivered from the client trunk rather than extension callerid. Somewhere in the dialout scripts?

There is some elegance to using Thirdlane for this, in that it gives options for failover, volicemail etc in the event the trunk is down.

Any thoughts anybody?

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That is a big ask, I would look at something like A2Billing.

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I would suggest looking at a Class 5 softswitch for this. It is something I have tried, and even in FreePBX it is clunky. There are all sorts of options from open source to $$$$. We terminate calls through a wholesale carrier, of which most of the routing etc happens at their end. Like yourself, I need something to terminate hardware PBX (Samsung, Panasonic, Avaya etc) to and send calls to 1 or 2 wholesale carriers.

Keep me posted with whatever you find!