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Hi All

I am running Thirdlane PBX Manager

Managing it has been fairly straight forward for the past couple of years however I have found a couple of mailboxes have custom voicemail messages if they do not pickup/call can't make it through

I thought I knew the settings back to front but when I look in voicemail settings, user portal, media files etc I can find no reference on that extension for any voice mail message. I've checked the end device phone over as well and it doesn't appear to be stored on there.

This is definitely a custom voicemail as it was recorded by a previous employee..I just have no idea where or how..as again it doesn't appear to be referenced in any way in any menu.

Thanks, any help is appreciated. Also if I should be upgrading my version please let me know.. I have a feeling it may be in need.

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I started at version 7 and 100% you should upgrade, there's been a ton of fixes , security patches, and improvements since 6.1