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We are pleased to announce the availability of Thirdlane Connect 1.0.6, Thirdlane Business PBX and Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX

Thirdlane Connect adds Unified Communications (messaging, voice, video calls and conferencing, apps and CRM integrations) to Thirdlane Business PBX and Multi Tenant PBX platforms.

Thirdlane Connect requires Asterisk 11, so if you are not running Asterisk 11, first do:

yum erase asterisk18
yum install asterisk11

Then, for installation with Asterisk 11 (also - make sure that you are under maintenance, contact us if not) :

yum clean all
yum update
yum install thirdlane-connect-mt (for multi tenant platform) or
yum install thirdlane-connect-st (for single tenant platform)

More information will be available soon. In the meantime, here are the release notes:

  • Thirdlane Connect - unified communications with support for voice, video and messaging, screen sharing, integrations and more. Available for mobile devices, browsers and desktop (Windows, Linux, OSX)
  • Added VTech phones to Template Bundle based provisioning with full support of "function" buttons
  • Added support for WebRTC Web Call Widget to allow adding "Call Us" buttons to web pages
  • Added "WebRTC Endpoint" and "Web Call Widget" types to Special Lines
  • Modified Bulk Generator to use tenant default setting (SIP or WebRTC) when creating a device
  • Made "Allow WebRTC Extensions" the default in System Preferences
  • Added support for WebRTC User Extensions with the ability to switch an extension from/to WebRTC/SIP phone
  • Published the latest Thirdlane Dialer (Thirdlane Mobile Dialer) for Android on Google Play
  • Published the latest Thirdlane Dialer (Thirdlane Web Dialer) Chrome extension on Chrome Web Store
  • "Reenabled" support for Thirdlane Microsoft Outlook Dialer
  • Added "Phone Templates" to provisioning to allow reuse of custom phone button configurations.
  • Added "Translation Maps" to provisioning to support translation of user selected values to internal formats.
  • Added "PARKEXT" to provisioning template files to support parking extension on a tenant level.
  • Enhanced support for Thirdlane Dialer (for mobile devices) and Thirdlane Web Dialer (Google Chrome extension)
  • Added integration with Freshdesk customer support and helpdesk solution
  • Added integration with Zendesk customer service solution
  • Added domains and SSL certificate management
  • Added MAC address to user extensions list view
  • Added an option to allow routing of inbound calls to Asterisk worker servers in round-robin fashion. This is an alternative to defining primary/secondary worker sertver per tenant
  • Added ability to select tenants in export step of Migration Assistant. Previously selection was only available in the import step
  • Added code to change User Extension Caller ID number and name when it uses tenant default(s) and corresponfing tenant caller id(s) change
  • Fixed a bug in Caller ID management where tenant level admins could edit caller ids even when this was not enabled for a tenant
  • Fixed a bug where trunk was not written to cdr by by passthrough and emergency dialout scripts
  • Fixed a bug in Migration Assistant where voicemail mailboxes referenced in voice menus were not exported correctly
  • Enhancements to error handling in Migration Assistant
  • Made penalty "0" the default when assigning agents to queues and queues to agents when no penalty has been explicitly selected
  • Added ability to properly manage queue membership penalties to Agent management screen (was broken before)
  • Extensive changes to nginx configuration and configuration management
  • Allow running Thirdlane GUI on standard https port 443 with backward compatibility to use port 10000
  • Removed dependency on Apache https server - added support for provisioning to nginx
  • Fixed problems with large file transfers in Migration Assistant
  • Redesigned UI for mapping of Unix standard time zones to device specific timezone values
  • Added and enhanced fail2ban filters
  • Removed Phone Model Groups management from the GUI
  • Added Template Bundles for Polycom phones, removed legacy Polycom templates from the distribution. Thanks Erik
  • Changed device provisioning to use "Template Bundles" while maintaining compatibility with the legacy template management. Template Bundles are RPMs and include templates + firmware.
  • Added ability to mark Inbound Routes as "billable"
  • Added patches for Prosody XMPP server configuration and virtual hosts management
  • Made email address validation less restrictive to accommodate longer domain suffixes
  • Changes to the web GUI menu - moved "Change Log" under "Reporting and Statistics", renamed "Selected Tenant PBX" to "Selected Tenant Management"
  • Fixed a bug where queue "other options" with name containing underscores were not shown correctly
  • Fixed a bug where turning off "present menu when * key is pressed" option in Conference Bridge did not have any effect. Thanks Erik
  • Fixed a bug in tl-queue-member-login where agents could login in a queue where they were not dynamic members if the queue was specified as a parameter to the script
  • Fixed a bug where recordings and other objects were not deleted even though a retention period was specified in System Preferences
  • Fixed a bug in call acceptance
  • Fixed a bug where "transport" specified in "other options" was lost during update of user extension
  • Fixed a bug in deprecated tl-userexten script
  • Fixed order of buttons on device form
  • Changed transport for WebRTC extensions in Asterisk from wss to ws
  • Enabled Asterisk HTTP support for localhost address
  • Modified database creation scripts to avoid deprecated MySQL keywords to allow customers install newer versions of MySQL
  • Initialize tenantid field for various records in single tenant with tenantid of the "default" tenant
  • Fixed parsing of conference call recordings, removed reference to recording from CDR. Conference recordings should be accessed via conferences
  • Fixed parsing of script arguments in inbound routes which did not work correctly when script name contained underscores
  • Fixed a bug where sip was not reloaded when sip trunk was created/updatedi/deleted if sip was not using realtime
  • Fixed a bug where path to asterisk was not specified in shell scripts used in the dialplan
  • Allow access to conference recordings to the administrators with conference management permissions
  • Added a separate permission to allow management of Dialing Permissions so that administrators without access to Routes could still manage Dialing Permissions
  • Added call parking settings to global defaults
  • Added "Clone" option to various screens to clone existing tenants, IVRs, queues, devices, etc
  • Added "Save and Continue" option to Inbound Routes, Outbound Routes
  • Added ability to execute commands before provisioned device is deleted
  • Restart Thirdlane Java server on Webmin restart
  • Added maxmsg (maximum number of messages in mailbox) to voicemail options
  • Added "Getting Started" tab to dashboard (shown after new installations) and an option to show/hide it to System Preferences