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This is a production release which is also a candidate for our upcoming ISO. Your feedback is appreciated.

2010-08-09 Included sip.conf into the list of files that get patched based on the Asterisk version.
2010-08-09 Changed shipped sip.conf and voicemail.conf to include some extra info. Thanks Erik
2010-08-06 Changed installer to create and copy files into moh/default directory in MTE installations.
2010-08-06 Fixed a bug in installer where some file permissions were not set properly during nitial install or update.
2010-08-06 Changed installer so it will prevent accidental installation of MTE over single-tenant and vice versa.
2010-08-06 Fixed a bug where installer did not recognize MTE installation (when installing module without ISO) and did not create appropriate MOH directories. Thanks Erik
2010-08-05 Fixed a bug where editing user permissions using Webmin module permissions screen resulted in all permissions being turned off
2010-07-23 Changed fax send code to look for sendfax_template.txt file in /etc/asterisk/user_provisioning/tenantname, /etc/asterisk/user_provisioning and then
/etc/asterisk provisioning directories and if found use it to generate call file for sending fax, otherwise use the defaults. Thanks Erik
2010-07-20 Fixed a bug introduced in where current tenant selection was lost after installation.
2010-07-20 Changed PBX Information screen to deal with ascii colorization characters introduced in Asterisk 1.6.2.x