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2009-05-01 Added code to check that special mailboxes are numeric. Thanks Erik
2009-05-01 Added new phone provisioning templates, changes to some existing templates. Thanks Erik
2009-05-01 Made tenant management screen dependent on the "Can Create Tenants ..." option - if user does not have it enabled they can not create tenants.
2009-05-01 Fixed a problem in Administrator's management screen where "Can Create Tenants option was disappearing. Thanks Jason
2009-04-27 Added MEETME_RECORDINGFORMAT to tl-dialconference-prompted script. Thanks Eirk
2009-04-27 Added penalty parameter that can be used when assigning members to Queue screen. Thanks James
2009-04-22 Added __FROM_INSIDE variable to identify calls from user extensions - "from inside". Thanks Arun.
2009-04-16 Changed the way PBX Manager determines Asterisk version. Thanks Erik.
2009-04-11 Added operator managed inbound routes and scripts for Day/Night mode management. Thanks Erik.
2009-04-11 Added _#. and _%23. to from-inside contexts. Thanks Raymond.