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2008-05-08 New version of Linksys and Cisco templates. Thanks Andrey
2008-05-07 Fixed tl-ringgroup-all script to handle a case where auto attendant (${ARG5}) is not specified. Thanks Andrey
2008-05-01 Fixed Conference Manager to properly show caller id and user type.
2008-04-30 Added support to originate intercom calls from Thirdlane Dialer.
2008-04-27 Updated documentation, renamed User's Guide to Administrator's Guide.
2008-04-27 Workaround for IE bug re secure and insecure items with Flash.
2008-04-27 Workaround for IE7 bug not dealing with pragma no-cache properly with https and Flash.
2008-04-26 Major rewrite of conference management and asterisk manager interface screens.
2008-04-25 Fixed (i hope) a problem with follow me to outside numbers not setting caller id correctly when user selected "use original caller id".
2008-04-25 Fixed a problem in a dialplan where originating channel was overwritten during the follow me.
2008-04-25 Made changes to scripts and separated setting of variables identifying originating channel in a separate script.
2008-04-25 Added encryption for parameters passed from server in CRM screen.
2008-04-25 Added better error message display when CRM screen cannot connect to the Manager Interface due to lack of permissions.
2008-04-24 Changed the order of context inclusion so that parkedcalls are before outgoing. Thanks James
2008-04-23 Fixed a bug where default mailbox options were not properly set in the user record by the bulk generator.
2008-04-23 Changed zap channel to a dropdown in zap chanel to did map and user extension screens.
2008-04-21 Fixed a few screens where javascript was broken due to IE not supporting 'table-row' style and changing options did not "unhide" fields. Thanks Denis.
2008-04-21 Added BLF and SPEEDDIAL to snom templates. To deal with 0 based numbering for fkeys added ${BUTTON} (alias for ${LINE} and ${BUTTON_ZERO_BASED}
which starts from 0. Thanks Denis
2008-04-21 Added encryption for parameters that are passed from server to Manager Interface and conference applications running in a browser
2008-04-20 Added hidefromdir=yes to voicemail configuration when "do not list in directory" is selected on the user extensions screen. On the "Special Mailboxes"
screen use "Other Mailbox options" to do the same. Thanks Erik.
2008-04-20 Changed pbx information to use "new style" commands to avoid deprecation warnings. Thanks Chris.
2008-04-19 Added new linksys templates to auto-provisioning. Thanks Danny for contributing.
2008-04-19 Added confirmation when stopping PBX in Tools -> Command Line interface. Thanks Jim.
2008-04-19 Added SIP/IAX username back to Special Lines screen, somehow it was removed in one of the builds. Thanks Jim.
2008-04-18 Added videosupport=yes to sip.conf
2008-04-15 Fixed media files Play function which was not working when streaming directly in cgi - in some browsers. Thanks Erik.
2008-04-11 Fixed a bug where the ringing time for the 4th number in follow-me was not saved. Thanks Raymond.
2008-04-10 Added zap channel to extension mapping required by scripts that use channel to identify a calling user, changed scripts accordingly. Thanks Erik.
2008-04-09 Changed User Portal call forwarding page to hide a call order option when "ring my phone and the numbers below" is selected and the order does not apply. Thanks Jim.
2008-04-05 Fixed tl-multidevice-exten script so that the target extension can be a member of a ringgroup. Thanks Erik for the fix.
2008-04-05 Changed tl-page and tl-intercom scripts to conform to RFC3261. Thanks Erik.
2008-04-05 Fixed a bug where codecs were not stored in User Extensions section. Got rid of drag and drop - use listboxes instead. Thanks Harold.
2008-04-04 Fixed user management where user used someone else's mailbox (again). Thanks George.
2008-04-03 Changed tl-reroute-analog script to handle inbound calls routed to s extension by using channel to did map rather than a map entred in the script. Thanks Erik.
2008-04-03 Added Channel to DID Mapping screen to Routes category - only for single-tenant.
2008-04-03 Added password display to agents list screen.
2008-04-03 Added tl-page script. Thanks Raymond for contributing.
2008-04-03 Brand new Spanish translation. Thank you Danny and Alex for contributing - great job.
2008-04-01 Changes to conference room management to allow end users who own conferences to edit them. Also, changed conference password
generation to make admin's password different from user's. Thanks Jim.
2008-04-01 Changes to tl-userexten-base to deal with extensions w/o voicemail and major follow-me changes.
A few fixes along the way to the timeout values not being set correctly in follow me
2008-03-30 Fixed a bug in provisioning where old configuration files (without button type) did not work. Now if type is missing it will default to line. Thanks Harold.
2008-03-29 Changed User Portal voicemail screen to display mailbox messages for the assigned mailbox rather than the mailbox derived from the user's id.
2008-03-29 Fixed a bug where deleting a user extension deleted a mailbox the user is associated with even when the user may not be the owner.
Now the maibox matching user extension gets deleted.
2008-03-29 Changed User Portal to recognize when user doesn't own the mailbox he/she is associated with and not allow editing.
2008-03-29 Added an option to include/exclude user in/from the dial-by-name directory (regardless of vm being enabled or disabled) and allow changing the name
that appears in the directory.
2008-03-28 Changed code for password generation for Webmin users to eliminate problems in some obscure cases. Thanks Jamie Cameron, Jamie E and James.
2008-03-28 Fixed a bug in playing IVR prompts. Thanks Jim.
2008-03-28 Changed voicemail configuration for user extensions. Now voicemail can be turned on and of fby selecting and option, and mailboxes can be shared.
2008-03-27 Fixed a bug when modifying user extensions that used "someone else's" mailbox caused the mailbox to be changed to be equal to the
extension. Thanks Jim.
2008-03-27 Fixed a bug when user extensions that used "someone else's" mailbox were created incorrectly in multi-tenant. version.
2008-03-27 Fixed a bug with language selector on User Extension page.
2008-03-25 Added Wait(1) to the from-outside context. Thanks Erik
2008-03-25 Added music on hold argument to tl-queue script so that the default music can be overriden by-> queue -> script override
2008-03-25 Store music on hold associated with a queue in astdb and override default music on hold when caller is sent to a queue. Thanks James
2008-03-23 Added a script that handles inbound calls to analog lines where there is no inbound number presented. The script (tl-reroute-analog - Reroute Analog Lines) would be
typically assigned to the "s" extension and will reroute calls based on the channel the call came in on.
2008-03-22 Split user extensions creation into SIP, IAX and ZAP extensions. At the moment this is only enabled in the single-tenant PBX Manager.
2008-03-21 Added branding rules inheritance in multi-tenant - global settings are now inherited when creating tenants. Thanks George.
2008-03-21 Disabled conference room creation associated with extension creation from multi-tenant version. Thanks George and Erik.
2008-03-21 Added an option to add the original called extension to the follow me group in User Portal. Thanks Jim.
2008-03-20 Added label to lines in provisioning - maps to ${LINE_LABEL} variable in templates.
2008-03-19 Fixed a bug where outbound route contexts were not included correctly. when a tenant was created without using a prototype. Thanks Kevin and Mike.
2008-03-19 Fixed a bug where tenant variable was set as tenant instead of __tenant in inbound routes. Thanks Max.
2008-03-17 Removed DUNDi settings from System Settings screen.
2008-03-14 Relaxed validation in recordings file upload - it was too strict and caused an error message to be displayed erroneously. Thanks George.
2008-03-14 Made Cluster Management into a category and added Managed Servers. More to come.
2008-03-13 Added ${LABEL} variable that maps to deviice descriiption to phone templates. Useful in Cisco - and other phones. Thanks Jim.
2008-03-13 Added check for "," in script argument description - commas are not allowed. Thanks Jim.
2008-03-11 Added caller id to calls originating from PBX Manager (both using Call Companion and web GUI). Either external or internal caller id of the
originating user is used based on the dialed number's length - 7 digits as the longest number for internal.
2008-03-11 Fixed a bug where a call orignatting from Call Companion failed if the originating user was using IAX phone.
2008-03-11 Changed scripts to limit the time for Congestion and Busy. to 10 secs Also got rid of a few unnecessary NoOps. Thanks Andrey.
2008-03-10 Changed auto-provisioning to allow 3 types of buttons - line, blf and speedial and to allow 2 new templates - for blf and speedials that get combined in
a phone template similar to the way the lines template is (replacing ${BLFS} and ${SPEEDDIALS} placeholder variables in the phone template)..
2008-03-08 Changed inbound routes code to generate dialplan code with the extension equal to DID rather than "s" extension. Thanks Erik.
2008-03-08 Added tenant level to auto-provisioning. The rules are now simple - models.txt in user_provisioning directory overrides provisioning/models.txt.
Templates are searched for in order in the following locations - user_provisioning/tenant, user_provisioning, provisioning. First template found is used.
2008-03-07 Added ${FIRST_NAME} and ${LAST_NAME} variables to auto-provisioning.
2008-03-07 Changed code for playing media files to write file content to the browser rather than redirect to a copy of the file in tmp directory under module directory.
2008-03-07 Fixed a permission problem when playing media files.
2008-03-06 Added an ability to specify a command to be executed after a device is provisioned. Thanks Andrey.
2008-03-06 Added user defined variables for device auto-provisioning.
2008-03-06 Added an option that allows not to load todays' data on initial display of CDR page. Thanks George.
2008-03-05 Added ${TENANT} and ${REMOTE_USER} variables to the user defined menus.
2008-03-04 Fixed inbound and outbound routes to allow "-" and properly handle [] in the pattern. Thanks Angel.
2008-03-02 Modified provisioning so that the user can have a provisioning directory (user_provisioning, under /etc/asterisk - parallel to provisioning).
Models specified in models.txt in this directory and associated templates will take precedence during provisioning and will not be overwritten during upgrades.
2008-03-02 Made CRM links global (available to all tenants) or tenant level, protect deletion of shipped links.
Allow overwrite of shipped links during installation - user created links and customized shipped links are now in a separate file.
2008-03-02 Changed the way CRM links are configured and assigned. Added CRM Links as a separate screen available to PBX and
tenant level administrators. Removed custom url as a special case.
2008-03-01 Created a URL for vtiger CRM integration - this requires a patch to vtiger
2008-02-29 Allow custom links/menus to be restricted and assigned to tenants, changed the default so tenant admins can manage their links.
2008-02-25 Fixed a bug where Cluster Management screen was available to users without proper permissions. Thanks Chris.
2008-02-25 Added code to remove auto-provisioning files associated with a tenant when the tenant is deleted. Thanks Jon.
2008-02-24 Fixed a bug where custom application for music on hold was not saved. Thanks Jim.
2008-02-24 Added code to remove tenant's contacts when the tenant is deleted.
2008-02-24 Added code to remove user's personal contacts when the user is deleted.
2008-02-24 Use the latest 1.400 Webmin with frameless theme in ISO. Thanks Andrey.
2008-02-24 Added CRM options to bulk generator - it uses system or tenant defaults.
2008-02-24 Fixed URL selection on CRM/Screen Pops configuration screen.
2008-02-23 Added an ability to customize urls for preconfigured types for CRM/Screen Pops configuration and User Extensions screens.
2008-02-21 Fixed a bug where voicemail related user portal permissions were lost during user extension update. Thanks Harry.
2008-02-20 Fixed a bug where in huntlist creation a "Macro" command was generated instead of "Proc" for a system running Callweaver. Thanks Paul.
2008-02-17 Added code to the installer to automatically add -U xxx -G xxx to the command to run asterisk based on the owhnersip of astrundir directory (from asterisk.conf).
2008-02-16 Added code to patch asterisk.conf to use /var/run/asterisk when present - don't know why asterisk is not doing it by default.
2008-02-16 Fixed a problem with PBX Manager restarting Asterisk as root user, instead of asterisk (this mattered in the ISO installation which runs as asterisk user).
2008-02-15 Made a few changes to look better in Opera - I hope someone is using Opera :-).
2008-02-15 Added "More info" to display pbx information for managed PBXs to Cluster Management.
2008-02-14 Changed tenant cloning code to create "from-inside*" contexts from code rather than clone them from the prototype tenant. This also fixed a bug with incorrect generation of from-inside-redir-context.
2008-02-13 Added conference management with the ability to fully control active conferences - view participants, mute/unmute, kick, change volume, etc. Thanks Sergey
2008-02-12 Added cluster management and ability to login and manage multiple servers from the master/main server. Thanks Jamie
2008-02-12 Fixed logo not linking to the thirdlane web site url
2008-02-11 Added ability to update some of the default values for existing installations (for newly introduced variables that are not present in older systems) during installation
2008-02-10 Added reverse callerid lookup, CRM integration and screen pops - configurable on the switch, tenant, and extension level. Screen pops are in user portal
- requires Asterisk Manager access and Java.. Don't use accross the internet!
2008-02-09 Allow entering outbound routes starting with a + sign. Thanks Carl and Bastian.
2008-02-08 Fixed a bug where agents could be shown as belonging to the wrong tenant. Existing agents must be edited and saved for the fix to take effect. Thanks Bastian.
2008-02-06 Fixed a permission problem in playing recorded calls in the user portal. Thanks Carsten
2008-02-06 Fixed a problem with pager on recorded calls screen where user information was lost and resulted in permission error. Thanks Denis.
2008-02-05 Added tenant's internal id to the tenants screen..
2008-02-05 Added ${TENANT} and ${TENANT_ID} variables to auto-provisioning templates. This allows to manipulate generated file names on a per-tenant basis. Thanks Harry.
2008-02-04 Fixed tl-stdexten script to enable "regular" phone (with voicemail, etc) handling after blind transfers from a phone called as part of a ring group. Thanks Jon..
2008-02-04 Disabled caching - this was required for Opera as it aggresively cached pages.
2008-02-02 Enhancements to backup/restore including FTP destinations, precise schedule, recent backup history. Thanks Jamie.
2008-01-30 Stricter file name validation for voice recordings, added check for valid file names to upload.
2008-01-30 Fixed a bug in cloning tenant where restricted and emergency contexts were not copied properly.
2008-01-30 Fixed an error in the dialplan where local extensions were not in included in restricted context for default tenant.
2008-01-30 Changed the order of includes so that extensions are always taking precedence over outbound routes. Thanks Erik.
2008-01-28 Changed scripts to invoke VoiceMail application with a new 1.4 style of passing options (VoiceMail(mbox|u).
2008-01-28 Fixed a problem where a blind transfer from a ring group did not go to voicemail. Thanks Jon.
2008-01-28 Fixed a problem with multiple ring groups in a huntlist. Thanks George, Carsten and Denis.
2008-01-28 Relaxed rules for email validation to allow non standard domain extensions. Thanks Carsten.
2008-01-28 Changed user extension related scripts to deal with extensions without mailboxes.
2008-01-27 Added display of a number of tenants to the tenants list form.
2008-01-26 Fixed a bug where tenant update deleted reference (just in the GUI) to the tenant's default MOH.
2008-01-25 Added an ability to create a conference room at user extension creation time, and associate it with extension owner.
2008-01-24 Added conferencing options to defaults.
2008-01-22 Management of global defaults as well as tenant defaults (tenants inherit from global defaults at tenant creation time).
2008-01-22 Added an ability to create extensions (individual or in bulk generator) with/without voicemail.
2008-01-22 Added an ability to store and use default values for user extension creation (on a tenant level in multi) and pbx level in single tenant (language, colorscheme, portal permissions, etc) .
2008-01-14 Fixed a bug where after login (and before any menu items were selected) multi-level user menu did not expand. Thanks Andrey.
2008-01-14 Fixed a bug where columns were misaligned due to "Tenant" column header displayed in cdr for tenant level administrator. Thanks Jon.
2008-01-14 Added code to to installer to create an empty user_extensions.include to prevent problems with missing includes in future versions of Asterisk. Thanks Erik and Richard
2008-01-14 Added a basic selector to recorded calls screen.
2008-01-14 Added type field to recorded calls screen
2008-01-13 Fixed a bug where month name was not shown correctly for recorded calls
2008-01-11 Fixed a bug in generation of a Goto statement when "Additional aqllowed dialing pattern" is specified. Thanks Jim.
2008-01-08 Fixed a bug where recordings with spaces in file name could not be deleted. Thanks Damon
2007-12-26 Added code to delete conferences when tenant is deleted.
2007-12-26 Added check for tenant name in addition to the id for conferences to avoid conferences being associated with/shown
to the wrong tenants when id was partially matched. Thanks Alvin.
2007-12-26 Added ownership to conference configuration - to be used in conference management.
2007-12-24 Added script to invoke conference with options stored in asterisk database.
2007-12-24 Added options to conference configuration - now options are stored in meetme.txt and asterisk database.
2007-12-23 Added new screen Tools -> Manager Interface that allows watching Manager Interface events and provides a scratchpad for sending Manager Interface commands.
It uses Java applet for real time event updates and requires Java and access from the client's browser to the Manager Interface.
2007-12-23 Added Dial command options field to ring groups within hunt lists. Thanks Erik.
2007-12-18 Fixed a script where Congestion was indicated instead of Busy. Thanks Danny.
2007-12-18 Fixed a bug where a ring group did not clean up a channel variable it was setting. Thanks Don.
2007-12-17 Fixed a bug where recordings and voicemail were not accessible in the user portal for file types other than .wav.
2007-12-14 Fixed a bug in installer where it did not identify the package as a multi-tenant installation for a new install.

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Congratulations on the new version...looks like a lot of great updates.


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Alex, I'm running, and my partner has threatened me if I do any more upgrades right now. Can I get a copy of the updated documentation? I would like to know more about some of the new features such as Conference Management.

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Hi Dan,

You can get updated documentation on the download page.

Best regards,


Alex Epshteyn
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