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2007-12-01 Added System Settings -> Branding screen with the ability to upload logo that appears both in the page header and login screen. Removed branding from General Settings in single-tenant version. More to come - looking for suggestions on what customizations/branding to allow.
WARNING: Since we now use the same logo image for login screen and page header, customers who uploaded and set custom logo using General Settings and did not upload a custom logo for Login screen need to upload the logo again. Sorry for breaking this.
2007-12-01 Added sorting to a few selectors (including script selector), removed sorting from all inner loops for faster page load.
2007-12-01 Added code to the installer to set reload/restart flags to indicate that user action is required after software updates.
2007-12-01 Added code to the installer to patch [from-outside] context in extensions.conf to include code necessary to set channel variables. Without this new scripts did not correctly set CLI during follow me.
2007-12-01 Added code to the installer to patch extensions.conf to include all the required includes (since we just added #include huntlists.include for Hunt Lists)
2007-12-01 Added warning to the Administrators screen about administrators created there being global and "across tenants" rather than "tenant level" administrators.
2007-11-30 Removed unnecessary limit/warning message in bulk generator.
2007-11-29 Fixed build bug where extra sound files were included. Thanks Jim.
2007-11-29 Fixed installer bug (in multi-tenant) where music on hold directory was not created properly - installing updated version creates a directory and fixes the problem. Thanks Don.
2007-11-28 Added channel variable to be set while processing ring groups so that user extension options like forwarding, screening, blocking, etc (except call recording) could be ignored - using a new script.
2007-11-27 NEW FEATURE - please check it out! Added Hunt Lists management to PBX Features. The Hunt Lists are lists of ring groups (extensions or phones called at the same time) that are processed sequentially.
2007-11-25 Added an option to System Settings -> Preferences to keep menus expanded. Thanks Richard.
2007-11-25 Fixed a bug where internal caller id name default value was set incorrectly during User Extension creation.
2007-11-25 Fixed a bug where after mailing recorded calls as attachments ( in User Portal) redirect was missing user id and resulted in error message.
2007-11-25 Added names (first/last) to the lists of extensions when they are displayed in scripts.
2007-11-22 Fixed codec display overlap in IE7. Thanks Henry.
2007-11-22 Fixed script to play busy instead of congestion. Gracias Danny.
2007-11-18 Added sorting to tenant selection dropdown and tenant list. Thanks George and Gary.