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Changes since 5.0.45

2007-11-13 Added an argument to allow prepending a string to caller id name in all the "go-to" scripts
2007-11-13 Added tl-transfer-to-voicemail script that allows to transfer a call directly to a voicemail mailbox.
It requres a feature extension in the form _*6. (*6 is just an example), so that the call can be transferred to a mailbox (say 201), by transferring to *6201
2007-11-13 Fixed tl-intercom script to send appropriate sip headers
2007-11-13 Made changes to sip.cfg (for polycom) and snom3xxx.cfg (for snom) to support intercom by default
2007-11-08 Removed an option for a user to associate a user extension with an existing registration or create a new registration (SIP or IAX) and associate it with an extension.
Now the registration is always created based on extension and is the same as extension in single-tenant.
2007-11-07 Fixed a bug where PBX Features and Extensions & Directory menu categories were shown to admins without permissions to any sub-categories. Thanks Rana.
2007-11-07 Allow ! wherever Asterisk patterns are allowed. Thanks Erik.
2007-11-07 Changed the way Recorded Message arguments are handled in scripts - now file extension is not stored (only file name).
2007-11-07 Fixed a bug where trunk protocol and trunk name were not always shown on Edit Trunk page.