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Changes since 5.0.44

2007-11-06 Fixed a bug when a tenant administrators were created with access to the current tenant rather then the tenant being edited
2007-11-06 Cnanged multi tenant so that tenant level administrators do not have access to the tenant management screen
2007-11-05 Added Yes/No argument type to scripts (internal value is y/n)
2007-11-04 Limit on a number of tenants and extensions per tenant in evaluation license
2007-11-03 Fixed script usage for tl-userexten and tl-stdexten to be only used for user extensions - not inbound
2007-11-03 Various changes to license management
2007-11-03 License terms for non-commercial license
2007-11-03 Free Non-commercial license that allows 4 user extensions
2007-11-03 Changes to postinstall script to support non-commercial license