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I recently updated from Thirdlane / Asterisk v1.8 to Asterisk v11 and now I have access to Thirdlane Connect - it's amazing!

One thing that I cannot figure out, however, is how to modify the default email template that users receive when I set them up for Thirdlane Connect ... it has a URL embedded in the email that says, "REPLACE.ME/connect" ... where can I modify this template?

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You can set it up for each tenant (there is a Welcome Email tab on the tenant screen) or on the global level in System Management -> Telephony Settings -> Default Values -> Welcome Template.

You can also specify whether a particular tenant will use "own" or global template. I suggest to use global - easier to change and manage.

Alex Epshteyn
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Would you point me to the file to change the subject line and the sender of the welcome email? Currently, it looks to the end user as:

Sender: webmin@{mydomain) - looking to change the name and label.
Subject: Your Thirdlane account information - ideally would like to have it match the branding of the tenant.



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correction, I see the Subject line in the template - but still not sure where to change sender's email address


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you would do this in Webmin, not Thirdlane. This is a Webmin function being called. If you dig around in the webmin settings I'm sure you'll find it.

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