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Thirdlane new release -

Here is a summary of enhancements:

  • Added support for Asterisk 11.x with an option to install either Astersik 1.8.x or Asterisk 11.x RPM
  • Added support for Radius AAA (including call limits) to Thirdlane Elastic Cloud PBX
  • Added removal of references to old missing recordings to the installation script
  • Added CDR update (to remove references to recent missing recordings) to hourly cron job
  • Added creation of new CDR and Queue Log partitions to daily cron job. New partitions are created on the first day of the month
  • Added partitioning option for Queue Log table - controlled and managed in System Preferences, on by default for new installations
  • Added partitioning option for CDR table - controlled and managed in System Preferences, on by default for new installations
  • Suppress email notifications for frequently run cron jobs
  • Added daily and hourly cron jobs
  • Added option to allow users override default voicemail and recordings management scripts by supplying their own scripts named and placed in /usr/local/sbin
  • Added an option to delete voicemail, recorded calls, queuelog and changelog records after a specified period of time
  • Added 'lazy' cache for CRM data lookup
  • Fixed a bug where some menu items were displayed even though user did not have permissions to use them, clicking on items resulted in "Forbidden"
  • Fixed a bug in creation of administrators with RPC option
  • Fixed a bug where generated Asterisk time range format was not shown when in editing Time Range Groups directly via Inbound Routes web page
  • Added an option to control which Time Range Groups are available to end users in the User Portal
  • Renamed "Special Mailboxes" to "Unattached Mailboxes" to better reflect their usage and behavior
  • Added code to automatically add or remove Opus to extension codecs when switching extension to/from WebRTC
  • Added support for Opus codec in Asterisk 11 installations
  • Added an option to control whether end users can toggle their extensions between SIP and WebRTC
  • Added ability to toggle user extensions between SIP and WebRTC - both by administrators and end users
  • Added an option to allow/disallow WebRTC endpoints
  • Added XMPP server related tables, vhost and jid management, created patches to add vhsots and XMPP users to existing installations
  • Fixed a bug where DIDs' descriptions were lost when DID was assigned/unassigned to/from tenants
  • Fixed a bug in Call Center Live Monitor where a user could see queues without having a permission
  • Added an option to send a Welcome Email to User Extensions owners - during extension creation and at any other time
  • Fixed a bug where accessing Inbound Routes for users without permission to access scripts generated access violation pop-up
  • Fixed a bug where blocking or screening affected all numbers rather than selected "blacklist" numbers
  • Fixed a bug where CDR Statistics charts showed calls with wrong dates in cases where some days did not have any calls
  • Changed Call History to show "user perspective" of the call direction for mobile and web initiated calls
  • Added code to apply database patches when older database version was used during restore
  • Fixed a bug where CDR CSV download failed in single tenant version
  • Fixed a connection pool management issue related to CDR CSV download, added connection pool configuration file, increased number of connections
  • Moved all "call originate" requests from backend application to uniserver to minimize impact on Asterisk
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Does install of Asterisk 11 require a fresh install of the system?

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No, it does not.

After a backup do an update as usual:

yum clean all
yum update

and then:

yum erase asterisk18
yum install asterisk11

that should do it

Alex Epshteyn
Third Lane Technologies
Multi Tenant Asterisk PBX

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Hi Alex,

Is the recommendation to change from 1.8 to 11 now that 1.8 LTS has gone EOL?

Have any risks / issues been identified with the change?



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Hi Greg, don't know if Alex has seen anything, but we upgraded to 11 and it actually helped a few odd issues we were having with iSymphony. No negative issues yet to report.

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Thanks Matthew for the feedback.
We don't have any clients using iSymphony in MT so that isn't of great concern.

Main thing is no little "undocumented features" that will cause us to be chasing our tail for 2 weeks after upgrading putting out bushfires.