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Thirdlane new release -

Here is a summary of fixes and enhancements:

  • Changed the way information about recorded calls is stored and displayed to reduce the load on MySQL server
  • Made cron based process of reloading and sending qualify (OPTIONS) messages) to sip peers (for keeping NAT pinholes open) conditional on the time of last peer reload and last Asterisk restart
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate cron jobs could be created during software update on redundant systems and added code to remove these duplicate jobs from crontab to the installer
  • Added change log to the distribution which now can be found in /etc/webmin/asterisk/changelog.txt
  • Added ability to request a new style License Server based License for installations with old style MAC based licenses
  • Fixed a bug where Asterisk was not reloaded after System Preferences were set in the Initial Configuration wizard
  • Removed server address from system preferences - always use localhost for communication with single server Manager Interface
  • Added check to allow only digits when creating User Extensions in Bulk Generator