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Thirdlane new release -

Here is a summary of fixes and enhancements:

  • Temporarily disabled menu for displaying recorded calls as it potentially could create heavy load on the system - will be enabled in the next release
  • ** IMPORTANT: Fixed a bug introduced in update to and causing deletion of various settings in voicemail.conf. Added warning written to /etc/webmin/asterisk/install.log for the installations updated to where Thirdlane assistance to fix the broken voicemail.conf is required.

    ** Please contact Thirdlane if your installation was affected!

  • Fixed a bug where deletion of an inbound route was not always reflecting correctly in the inbound routes list
  • Changed GUI not to display data for cdr and recorded calls when the screen is shown and instead wait until user makes a selection
  • Changed GUI filters' behavior so that "Clear" simply clears the filter without reloading data. Now users have to click "Select" in order to load the data based on the current filter's settings
  • Changed "dialout" scripts to remove Alert-Info SIP header when forwarding calls to external numbers
  • Added "reload_peers" (on by default) to instances.txt to enable/disable cron based sip peers reload