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Announcing Thirdlane new release -

Here is a summary of what is new:

  • Added ability to view Inbound Routes as a tree, and allow editing of objects referenced by associated scripts directly from Inbound Routes list
  • Removed duplicate dialplan lines causing warnings in single tenant PBX from static dialplan database table ast_static_config
  • Added checking of object type (mapped to filename) when deleting voice menus, pickup groups and hunt lists
  • Added setting of Alert Info to Device Based Ring Groups
  • Made building pages of User Extensions based on the numeric value of extensions to match "within page" order
  • Fixed voicemail sorting to use msgnum
  • Fixed a bug in dialplan generated for Operator Managed Inbound Routes and added patch to fix the routes with errors
  • Fixed a bug where a wrong form was displayed in User Portal for Fax Settings or Call Recording Settings
  • Added checks to avoid duplicate dialplan generation accross Time Range Groups, Huntlists and Voice Menus
  • Added checks for duplicates accross Special Maiboxes and Mailboxes belonging to User Extensions
  • Extended UTF-8 support in Migration Assistant
  • Added status to Tenants list filter
  • Excluded updates to ast_static_config from change log