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Announcing another new release - Thirdlane

Here is a summary of what is new:

  • Added locale and date format support based on user selected language
  • Added limited UTF-8 support to Migration Assistant
  • Added Time Zones to device provisioning - template variables are TL_TIMEZONE and TL_TIMEZONE_NAME
  • Added mapping of Time Zones from Unix based time zone format to device specific time zone format in provisioning configuration
  • Added ability to set different alert info for 3 types of calls - external, group (when phone is a part of a ring group in a hunt list), and internal
  • Added "Refresh Trunk registrations" to Trunks list screen - required after migration and useful in other cases.
  • Added an option to set call forwarding and follow me for User Extensions conditionally on specified Time Ranges
  • Added and option to block external calls (and send to voicemail, etc) based on a specified Time Range
  • Fixed a bug in Migration Assistant where agents were not migrated correctly, added deprecation warning for interface based dynamic members
  • Added options to import common trunks and unassigned DIDs to Migration Assistant
  • Fixed a bug where adding records for SIP trunks to sipregs could result in replacing non standard ports with 5060
  • Fixed a bug in Time Ranges where "to" hours were not always stored correctly
  • Fixed a bug where changing the order of items in Huntlists broke them
  • Fixed a bug in Migrabtion Assistant where common trunks were imported irrespective of the setting of "Import common trunks" option
  • Fixed a bug in trunk creation in Migration Assistant
  • Fixed bugs in call blocking and call screening related stored procedures
  • Added feature codes to BLF targets selection list in phones provisioning