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We are happy to announce a new release of Thirdlane Business PBX, Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX, Thirdlane Elastic PBX Platform and Thirdlane Call Center.

Here is a partial list of enhancements, new features and bug fixes:

Added SugarCRM support including lead capture and caller id lookup in User and Agent Portal

Added Zoho CRM support including lead capture and caller id lookup in User and Agent Portal

Added Contact Info management to User Portal

Moved Objects Counts to Reporting and Statistics

Added all the tenant related object counts (with actual/max limits) to the tenant list page

Changed Call Detail Records to clear previously entered time range rather than run automatically when page is reopened

Simplified call reporting to include calls in time ranges based on call start date/time only

Added deprecation warnings re use of Extensions Based Ring Groups and Extensions Based Outbound Conferences

Changed Contact Info management to also update User Extension data such as mobile phone, email, first and last name, and caller id

Fixed a bug where tenant level Model Groups (in device provisioning configuration) could not be deleted

Made performance improvements to Call Detail Records and CDR Statistics

Added support for old "pre WebminCore" versions of Webmin to the export step of Migration Assistant

Added "cleanup" to the import step of Migration Assistant to deal with bad input data

Added ability to support both session and basic authentication in API

Fixed "current call timer" bug in Agent screen

Added Contact Info to User Extension screen and tied company contacts management to User Extensions management

Fixed a bug where User Extension creation was occasionally treated as an update

Fixed a bug where only the first page of User Extensions list was shown while in "extended" mode

Removed unused contact fields from directory table

Removed messages appearing in CLI when local DID check was not enabled or DID was not found to be local

Made database the only configuration storage option for the new installations

Optimized dialplan scripts to cache data retrieved from the database where possible

Fixed a bug where "timeout before going to voicemail" was not saved

Fixed a bug where backend settings for Queue Log and CDR were not shown correctly when set to use text files

Fixed a bug where Change Log could not be accessed when CDR or Queue Log reporting was disabled

Separated Call Detail Records and CDR Statistics access permissions so that that permissions could be managed independently

Added check that will disable Call Recordings menu item if CDR Reporting is disabled

Reverted email address validation so that email address is required only when voicemail by email is enabled