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We are happy to announce a new release of Thirdlane Business PBX, Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX, Thirdlane Elastic PBX Platform and Thirdlane Call Center.

Here is a partial list of enhancements, new features and bug fixes:

Fixed timeout occurring after long inactivity in Call Center Live Monitor

Added API for conference management

Added API for management of tenant administrators

Fixed Call Center "on-hold" bug

Fixed a memory leak

Updated RPMs including Asterisk and glibc

Made custom command in huntlists available only to system level administrators

Added an option (available to system level administrators only) to specify a command to be executed on hangup in Auto Attendant / Voice Menus

Added API to support follow me and call forwarding settings

Added API to access tenants by id

Increased default length of generated phone passwords

Fixed a bug in agent web login process

Rewrote agent status tracking and management

Changed trunk configuration screen to allow domain names unless Kamailio is used

Fixed a bug where tenant limit for a number of extensions was ignored

Fixed a bug where tenant limit fields could not be cleared

Changed default theme to Enterprise Blue

Fixed a bug where scripts parameters were not displayed when object was open after object creation

Set autocomplete off for password in login form

Made eventwhencalled and eventmemberstatus on by default, with a patch to update old queues

Updated Queue join/leave rules (joinempty and leavewhenempty) to support all Asterisk 1.8 options

Added TL_DEBUG debugging flag to dialplan