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Call recording works well in most cases with the recordings appearing in the cdr with the small recording icon.

Selective call recording by pressing *9 during a call, we can see that it does start the recording and save it at the end of the call, but the recording doesn't show up in the cdr. The file does appear to exist.

A bug in or is there a setting?

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interesting... if you think about it... the field for recording in CDR can only be written from dialplan, which is something that happens BEFORE you answer a call. Dialing *9 has nothing to do with dialplan but rather a features.conf monitoring function of a call already in progress. When the call hangs up the CDR record is written, but writing the filename value to the CDR would be an all-or-nothing scenario, where the norm would be writing filenames that never existed in the first place (because you never actually recorded a file). Unless there is a channel variable/function that can say if the one-touch monitor was used on a call, there would be no safe way to check this. Even if one did exist, the only way to do it would be to retroactively alter the CDR after its written. Trying to do this with an h extension in dialplan is infinitely complex since there are thousands of contexts in thirdlane and every single one of them would have to have special dialplan, and even then there are probably cases where it never gets invoked.

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ok. That explains why it won't show in the cdr. The good news is that they do show up in the recorded calls report so they can be accessed by the customer.

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Actually, we used to have a cron job that matched recorded calls to CDR, but eventually decided against running it, as the job was a bit "too heavy" to be run on a telephony server.

In general we advice customers to keep CDRs as small as possible (move data elsewhere) and not to use their telephony servers as a data warehouses :)

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