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Hi, currently we are using a RING GROUP with the standart script that cames with Thirdlane PBX. The problem that we have is that if one of the phones put a voicemail with less timeout than the ring group, the call goes to the voicemail and not to the next extension. Also, we have problems because the owner of the extension can forward the call, put a DND or any other think that breaks the ring group we want.

We think that the way to do it, is setting a ring group, but for those extensions in that ring group set a ver basif script. Something like "tl-very-basic-standartext". And in that script just set an extension to answer or made calls. Any one with a script like that ? or maybe with the same problem and with a solution?

Any idea will be apreciated....

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Will do, and probably also implement a way to override standard handling (and ignore vm, etc) in the existing standard extension script so people using it will get their ring groups "right" without having to fiddle with timeout values.

The part that I am not sure about is - should we honor any forwarding, follow-me, call screening, etc when the extension is called as part of a ring group? It can get pretty complicated and does not look very obvious what the best approach may be - I am sure people will ask for options - as usual :).

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