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So... we're making use of the Registered PBX Servers page to allow the servers in all of our offices to be managed from one place, so the desktop support folks don't have to have 6 different servers bookmarked and remember which VPN to use to get to which one, etc.

However, one of our offices is in Beijing, and connectivity to that office from our main office loves to drop out occasionally. When this happens, the Registered PBX Servers page takes forever to load because it has to wait for the connection to Beijing to time out before it decides it's down and draws the page. This means they have to sit and wait for the page to draw before they can click on the "Manage Server" link for one of the other servers.

I had a thought that this could be solved by drawing the table with all of the servers first, but the status info initially blank (or with a little spinner that says "Loading"), and then firing off AJAX calls back to the server to check each one and populate those cells in the table from the callbacks. The info and manage links would show up when the server goes green. This way, any that have good connections would show up immediately, and could be clicked through to manage them without having to wait for the dead one(s) to fail to respond.

Just an idea. It'd be a UX win I think. :)