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Hi Thirdlane Team,
Found an issue in the latest release,
We installed at thirdlane-en-mt-8.0-x86_64-ast11
Started loading tenants and have been slowly upgrading the boxes to,

I've noticed when I change something in the Web UI related to the SIP setup (Ie, change a User's SIP Password from the web interface) and save it, the "SIP reload" it does when I save, can no longer access sip_peers.include due to a permissions issue.

I check the permissions before & after and I can see after the change in the web interface once I hit save the owner changes to root from asterisk and the permissions change too,

Asterisk output when I save a change from WebUI:

File permissions after a change has been saved:

File permissions I change it to make it work:

Please advise how I can stop the changes from breaking all the contents of sip_peers.include

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This is already fixed, please do an update

Alex Epshteyn
Third Lane Technologies
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