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If you specify TOOLS>PBXINFO for a tenant it now shows all extensions for all tenants
(let's call it admin view)

I want a user view for every tenant, so that a customer can see which phone is online or not.
Since the file is coded (but uses the normal asterisk asterisk_info.php for the most part)
i can't create it myself.

quick hack is to scrape page and make a custom page for eacht tenant on server side.

(quick code

Secure file and directory to write in.
wget //some-ip/asterisk/pbxinfo.cgi (needs login data from admin)
cat pbxinfo.sed >search "tenant-name" and define option for program to show every line with tenant-name (sed or awk wil do just fine)
and make it availabe for each tenant.


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I know this was written over a year ago just want to check if there are any updates with this

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an easier approach is if the user isnt allowed to manage 'All' tenants then use currently selected tenant executing

sip show peers like ${tenant}

iax2 show peers like ${tenant}

voicemail show users for default-${tenant}

Dont let them see PBX Version (could be used to search for exploits)

Dont let them see sip channels

Dont let them see uptime

Dont let them see the sip registry

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