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In the connect client we get the message that the office phone is not connected.

I can't get this notice to disappear and the phone is connected to the server.

How can we resolve this issue?

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What version of Communications Manager and Connect are you currently using?
You can check if prosody service is running.

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Client: electron_win32
Version: 2.0.2
Build number: 2020003
Build date: 7/31/2018, 9:47:16 PM
Messaging server version: 0.10.1
Telephony server version: 11.25.3
Platform version:
Connect API version: 1.2.1

--yum installed--
thirdlane-connect-downloads.noarch 2.0.2-36.el6
thirdlane-connect-mt.noarch 2.0.2-1.el6
thirdlane-prosody.x86_64 1.0-16.el6

service prosody status
Prosody is running with PID 45097

Communications Manager 9.0.2

Do you need any more information?