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Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX and Thirdlane Business PBX with Thirdlane Connect 1.2.1

There are many exciting new features and enhancements in this release:

  • Enhancements for multi-node geo-redundant cluster setup and management
  • New version of Thirdlane Connect for Android is available on Google Play, new versions of Thirdlane desktop applications can be installed using web based Thirdlane Connect
  • Major enhancements in soon to be released version of Thirdlane Web Dialer - Chrome browser extension for click-to-call from any web page and integration with Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, and other CRMs and Service Desk applications
  • Bluetooth support in Thirdlane Connect
  • Ability to work offline in Thirdlane Connect
  • Support for using Thirdlane Connect to "Share" files on mobile devices
  • Drag-and-drop support in Thirdlane Connect
  • Improved media device handling in Thirdlane Connect
  • Support for the latest Google Chrome in browser version of Thirdlane Connect
  • Enhancements to debugging and event logging in Thirdlane Connect, both for admins and end users
  • Performance enhancements and various bug fixes in Thirdlane Connect
  • Out-of-the-box Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) support
  • Enhancements to ad hoc conferences
  • Support (Template Bundles) for provisioning of the newer Snom phones
  • Ability to mass update ICE Servers' settings for User Extensions
  • ICE settings for WebRTC based Special Lines (required for WebCall Widgets)
  • Ability to manage company contacts via Company Contacts screens
  • Option to enable/disable Munin based system monitoring
  • Fix to cdr and queue_log tables partitioning - a bug that could cause CDR or queue log records to be lost
  • Option to enable/disable system status assessment and automatic updates
  • Various performance enhancements and bug fixes in Thirdlane Communications Manager

If you are using earlier versions of Thirdlane platform and are current on your maintenance, you can update to by running:

yum clean all
yum update

Thirdlane Connect for Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops can be obtained using your browser based Thirdlane Connect - just go to Settings -> Downloads, and download and install.

New Android version of Thirdlane Connect is available on Google Play. We welcome comments, thank you :)