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Any Thirdlane/Asterisk gurus out there willing to help with this I'll be glad to compensate.

Our standard setup is a Yealink phone with a "Call Park" button, then four BLF keys for lot 701,702,703,704. This works great 99% of the time, but there is the occasional instance where instead of hitting "Park", they hit one of the Lot BLF keys and if it already has a call in that lot, it will bridge these two calls together, and now you have two customers talking to eachother by themselves (which can be disastrous for most businesses). Is there anyway to block this from happening while still having the lot calls be retrievable by pushing the BLF? (In essence, block external channels/calls from connecting with another in one lot)

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This sounds more like something that is happening locally on the phone than on the asterisk server. When the user hits one of the lot "BLF" keys, does the "line" on the phone actually lose the call?

I could be wrong, but what I am thinking is happening is that the user is invoking a local 3 way call on the handset as opposed to the calls being merged on the server.

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I wrote someone a call parking script that did something similar except that I made those BLFs park and unpark the calls. In the code I did a check to see if there was a pending blind transfer and if so it would immediately ring back the caller instead of unparking the parked slot.

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