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Hello. I have a client who wishes to ring single extensions in a certain order until someone is able to answer. The call will come in to ext1 and ring for 20 seconds, and then proceed to ring each subsequent ext for 10 seconds, moving onto the next one until the call is answered. This in itself is rather simple, so no problem yet.

Where I run into my issue is that the client also wants the caller to not hear the rings, as it could be potentially 15-20 rings before the call is answered. Ideally we can just use the default MOH during the ringing process.

Ive tried to do this a few ways. First I tried to set the Set(CHANNEL(musicclass)=default-tenant) inside a hunt list to see if it would somehow override the ringing and play the hold music. No luck.

I moved onto setting up a hunt list that rang ext1 for 20 seconds, then moved into a queue that would ring the remaining extensions in a linear fashion until the call is answered. This solves what I want, in that the client will only hear ringing on the initial call, and then gets MOH as it bounces around from extension to extension.

The issue ive now created by setting it up as such is that unless the call is answered, I cannot get it to leave the queue. I dont want to ring these extensions forever, just one time through, and if no one answers, go to voice mail of ext1.

I gather that I probably should not be using a queue for this, but as it was the only way I could get MOH in place of ringing, I didnt know where else to go.

Can anyone help me out with a solution?


By chris

Add m to the dial command options for each ring group in the huntlist and you can get rid of the queues. Also 'core show application dial' will show you all the available options in case you don't want the default hold music.

Chris Norris, dCAP
Carolina Digital


Awesome, thats exactly what I was looking for. And the core show application dial will be a big help for me, as I had tried to find that list in the past with no success. I appreciate the help.


I have another question similar to this. Client now wants to hear music on hold in place of ALL ringing within the system. I have gotten almost all of it done, but now have left only the dial by name directory. Since this is a built in function and not using say a hunt list to do this, I assume I will need to get into the script for this and add something to cause it to use MOH instead of ringing once an extension is selected out of the dial by name directory.

Any ideas on what I may need to change in that script to get the desired result?


By eeman

probably the userexten-base

Erik Smith
Thirdlane/Asterisk Support available