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Hello everyone,

I'm having an issue where we have 3 phones apart of a hunt list.
One of the phones activate call forwarding to a cell phone after 5PM, but it will not ring at their cell phone.

They keep getting the voicemail at the extension it was forwarded from.

Little help? or whats the best way to get around this?

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Call forwards are not followed when the extension is rang as a part of a hunt list.

Primary reason being that the system has no way to verify if a caller answered or if the cell phone voicemail answered. Imagine the daytime scenario where one extension is a part of a huntlist and they forward their extension to their cell phone. Their cell phone rings, they hit ignore and the call goes right to voicemail on their cell phone. Now the caller in the middle of the day gets connected to that individual's personal cell phone voicemail box instead of the company one or a live person (more likely the case).

It can be even worse if the person whose cell was forwarded to has their phone off or out of range where the call is immediately connected to the cell phone voicemail.

Workaround is using 2 hunt lists, one with the desk phone, and one with the cell phone and either routing automatically based on the time to the correct hunt list to use or by using day/night mode.

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schedules are the easiest way to do this, but you could also use the mobile connect app and register the connect app as your device.

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