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By Rainman

Is there a way to facilitate the use of a prefix for extensions to call each other (example: 7+XXXX) much like the DIALOUT Prefix (9+NXX-XXXX) would be used for making calls to the PSTN. I thought that it would be configurable in OUTBOUND ROUTES, where you could strip the first digit, then send the remaining digits (the extension number) for an internal match, but the only routes/trunks available are to the CO switch, no "internal" trunk. This would be useful in a hotel style deployment. I do not want to include the 7 as part of the extension number for various reasons.

It seems like this should be very simple and straight forward, but I am stuck. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

By eeman

so write it, its a whole 1 line of code. it isnt going to stop you from dialing an extensoin without the 7 though.

Erik Smith
Thirdlane/Asterisk Support available

By Rainman

Thank you Erik. I was hoping for something that I just overlooked in the TL GUI, that would allow this to be configured easily. Also, it would be ok if the extension was able to be dialed without the (7) prefix. I am not familiar enough with the code-writing process, and don't know where to begin. Could you please point me in the right direction, or maybe provide an example or template? Thanks!