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I think it would be a great service to your customers if you did a screen capture where you did training on how to create and manipulate scripts.

You could record the session via Camtasia (or similar) and have it available for download for future admins. A lot of companies are providing training that way, with today's broadband it is no big deal to download a 500MB file.

I would also like to see how to insert customer Asterisk code, i.e. to be able to have park buttons on the Snom phones. How can we write extension logic without it being over-written or conflicting.


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Hi, I already suggetsed the same. This screen captures are wll know as SCREENCAST. Will be great to have screencast for all the system. That means how to create tenants, create trunks, create extensions, manipulate scripts, etc.

That will help a lot for the admins and customers plus will require less support from Thirdlane, because will be self explained.

Also, you can publish your powerpoint and key notes, that will help us to the marketing and we can sell better.

Daniel Bendersky
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