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it would be really nice to include redirecting number when doing call forwarding towards a SIP trunk.
Currently the DID doing the callforwarding is used as caller id on the outgoing call so the callforward destination doesnt really know whois calling until he answers. But if the DID is used as redirecting number and the original calling number remains then we would be ok.
ITSPs and asterisk support redirecting number feature so why not include it in the PBX manager?

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PBX Manager already does this. It's a user preference. Have the user who's having their number forwarded log into the web portal and check the box to preserve the callerid on the same page where they set the forwarding number.

This also depends on your SIP provider allowing you to override the callerid. Many of them don't anymore because of people abusing it for phishing and so forth.

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Hi ,

I just saw your reply. Forgot that we are not getting reply notifications via email!

I was referring to using the Diversion header to also include the redirecting number instead of just overwriting the calling number and sending out the call. This was the provider has no problem accepting the call.


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this is harder because its done different depending on the technology used and the region the PBX is located etc.

In the PRI world you would write out the RDNIS, atleast in north america

I found this on the voip-info wiki regarding SIP

SIP implementation

In an invite during a call transfer, the RDNIS information is in the Diversion: header

The Diversion: header appears to have finally disappeared from the IETF track.

It appears that the History-Info: header is going to end up in an RFC.

you could clone the oubound trunk scripts and modify them to use the SipAddHeader() application to imbed whatever headers you need.

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