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Hello everyone
We have some OLD third lane pbx's on hand and wen eed to sete the external call id to be different than whats specified on the trunk for a few extensions.

On free pbx we can set an outbound CID on the extension which supersedes the trunk specified CID if you use it.

I have tried to do the same on thirdlane and it uses both CID's so when i call out i get a 14 digit number.

We are doing this because our pbx is in one physical location and a few of the phones regisrered are in remote locations that do not have a pbx.

If these phones need to dial 911 i need the outbound CID to be liniked to the physical address of the phone and not the pbx.

Any ideas on how i can do this so that it shows just a 10 digit external CID based on where its set?

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How old? Why not just get updates and use the super easy gui to set caller iD?