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I really nice feature Switchvox has it's the option to query external XML data in a IVR. For example you want to create a IVR menu that reads the balance of your bank account (after logged in using an account id and PIN)

You have the possibility to read XML data from a URL Where you can add variables that is available in Switchvox (standard asterisk like CallerID, Extension etc as well as IRV response (digits etc)

The XML data is put into variables to that will be available in the IVR, for example text-to-speetch. Really powerful.

Would like to see that functionality in Thirdline to :)

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You can use Go to Feature Code for that - where you can get any data from any source and plug in any application. That said, we could add more to the IVR. Suggestions?

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goto feature code is the best way to handle that, there is also the Custom option to issue some other Goto ability. The code to execute would be external to the IVR therefore Goto is definitely the best mechanism within the IVR to handle this.

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