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Hi Thirdlane Team,
Have an issue on both Thirdlane 7.5 and Thirdlane 8, where when blind transferring an external call between extensions the leg call from the carrier to the Thirdlane, Thirdlane tries to transfer the call on the carrier side, and sends the re-invite to the carrier too.

In the past, on our Version 6 Thirdlane instances we had "canreinvite=no" set on all trunks, I notice this can no longer be done via the GUI in version 7 & 8, and it seems changing canreinvite to "no" in the database doesn't make the change.

I've also tried setting "canreinvite=no" in sip.conf but this doesn't appear to have done the trick.

How do I disable re-invite on Trunks in TL7.5 / TL8?

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Hello NickJ,

You may want to try to add rpid_update and senderpid options to your trunk configuration and set them to no. Hope this will resolve your issue.