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Hi, we noted that when we create a new admin under the Tenant managment Menu, that admin have some features that we don't want to give. Will be great that all the permisios will be empty by default, or better, that we can set the default privilegies for a tenant admin, or a better one, a section when we can create profiles of admins, so we can have for example:

Level1 Tenant Admin
Level2 Tenant Admin
Level3 Tenant Admin

Level1 SuperAdmin
Level2 SuperAdmin
Level3 SuperAdmin

So we can allow our customers to have some default privilegies and do the same thing for our systema administrators.

Hope this will be implemented.

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default permissions for the user portal would be good too. I just imported 60 extensions via the bulk generator and now have to go into each one and turn off the 4 things they dont want the end user accessing in their portal.

Erik Smith
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