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Hi all
I am getting some complains about the call recording quality, but only when its a call recording off a queue, and it some how only seems to effect one of the clients (very strange).

Here is the setup... Client A has call recording enabled on most of the extensions - these recording are always 100%. No chop, they don't use queues.

Client B has queues, set to record and the extensions are set for recording (so out bound calls are recorded). These call recordings are choppy. What's more... it gets worse at peak hours?? strange.

The recordings are being written to a largely unused RAID disk. (I can try a ram drive, but im not sure this will make any difference - the raid disk has amazing performance.)

I realise that recording calls IS a big ask - but consider this; its running off a Dual Quad Core Xeon, with 16Gig's of RAM, and a RAID disk... At the time of the calls i spot checked, the load was on 0.2 with asterisk using 11% CPU.... hardly working up a sweat.

I'm wondering what to do to resolve this for good? any suggestions?
Would it work better to record the calls in a more raw format like WAV (ulaw), unmixed, then mix and compress later?
Has anyone experience the same thing?

any suggestions welcome

By the way: when I mean "choppy" I mean the conversation plays back like this:
Hello, how c..n I he... you. etc etc (about 1/4 a seconds silence at random points in the conversation.)