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Good Afternoon,

I'm having an issue creating an administrator for a tenant in Thirdlane

When I try to create an admin through System Management > Tenants > it always says "Duplicate user" (even with a new username) and doesn't assign the new admin to the tenant.

Alternatively, When I create one through System Management > System Settings > Admins there is also no option to assign them to a tenant.

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Are you trying to use the same username for every tenant? Every tenant needs a unique username (e.g. tenant1_admin, tenant2_admin, etc)

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When you create admins in System Management -> Administrators and you want them to manage multiple tenants, you need to give them permissions to manage tenants that they get assigned to manage. Sorry, I don't remember exact text description of the permission, i am sure you can find it in the list of permissions. Then they will appear in the list of admins on the tenant screen and you (superadmin :) can assign them to tenants. Be careful not to add too many permissions - like to create and edit tenants, etc.

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