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Phone model in question is a Grandstream GXP2170. Under Device Provisioning, if I try to add a BLF or Speed Dial, I get
"Server returned error code = -1
File "gs_gxp2170_mpkspeeddial.cfg" or "gs_gxp2170_mpkblf.cfg" required for provisioning of "Grandstream GXP2170" is missing.

Not sure what other information would be useful to assist with troubleshooting, but I would be happy to make it available if requested.

Have confirmed issue is present after spinning up a fresh install having done nothing else but yum update.

Please advise. Thank you.

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This was fixed and uploaded to TL for the repo over a month ago. May 16th actually. The latest build should be 0.8-13

if its not available to you the patch is to alter /etc/asterisk/provisioning/models.d/gs.txt and change to the following lines under the 2170 model


this will use the expansion module for the BLFs and speed dials. Someone is sponsoring a second 2170 model in the list that will use the VPK instead of the expansion module. This, however, will be limited to the first 8 VPK due to the extremely piss-poor programming of Grandstream. After VPK 8, the integer from BLF changes from 11, to 1. This makes it _impossible_ to use a template system to provision as the template stops working after the first 8. This is extremely retarded from a programming perspective. There is no rational reason they could not have kept it at 11 throughout all the VPK. In fact they should have standardized ALL button types throughout the different designs (MPK, VPK, EXP). To have it be different within the same type just shows how poorly Grandstream actually planned their phones for bulk provisioning, rather relying on their own tools or manual WEB configuration of their phones.

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