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Another newby question from a former freepbx user...

I can see how to put one on an inbound route, but is there a way to put one in an IVR. Example. Press 1 for technical support. During business hours goes to support. Outside hours goes to a cellphone. The only way I can see to do it is by looping to a dummy DID that comes back in as an inbound route which I think would work but seems to be a bit clumsy.

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Is this an IVR that is accessed via an inbound route? If so, use the Time Range Group, have it go to a secondary IVR with the same message after hours(if that is what you prefer) and then just set that key in your secondary IVR to go to a cell at that point.

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Carstman is correct, having 2 IVR, one for each schedule, is the proper way to do it. My advice on schedules is to ignore the sample closed schedule, as it requires breaking up your times into 2 groups (early am and late pm)

The best day/night routine is to make a schedule for normal work hours, and then in your Inbound Routes do

step 1 - day schedule

step 2 - all hours

that way if you're not open, then you're obviously closed. you can also insert holiday schedule at the very top as well.

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