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We are running a TL multitenant box; PBX Manager; with the stock Call Park Script.

The trouble we have is that when a call is parked at 7XX for the max time, then does a ring back to the person who parked the call, if that person is on the phone or not at their desk to answer the call the system will disconnect the call.

Ideally there would be a way to place the ring back call into voicemail. In addition, we've not been able to adjust the ring back time per tenant.

Has anyone experienced this and what was the solution for you? Thanks so much!

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thats an asterisk issue. The only way around that is to re-define your parking and give it a different ring-back extension which could be a feature code for voicemail. There would not be a scenario as if you litterally dialed his ext@userextensions in dialplan. Parking rings back the device, not the extension, that parks a call. To manually use Park() you can specify a ringback extension but its not going to be so dynamic that it knows who did the parking. At best you can direct it to a huntlist that is bound to an feature extension and let a voicemail be the last step in that list.

Erik Smith
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Pay and upgrade to a version of Thirdlane that is not 5+ years old and there are call parking settings per tenant available. That should help revolve part of the issue.

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Thanks Erik!