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We have a problem regarding when a user logs on to his portal and clicks Call History and then Call 0762123456.

When the link is clicked the number 0762123456 are sent to the asterisk pbx but the 0 in the beginning of the number are removed. So the asterisk pbx are trying to call 762123456 and that's not a correct number.

Our outbound route are built so that we are only allowing number to certain number ranges and no charged calls and no international calls at all. I know its possible to add a 0 infront of the number but then the call history will contain the number 762123456 instead of 0762123456, in Sweden that's not a cool thing to have it.

I have read this thread but they solved it by adding a 0. https://www.thirdlane.com/forum/call-back-problem

Is it possible to have a setting that not remove the 0 infront of the call?