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This is just an idea for a usefull script for companies that do not show/have direct phone numbers for local extensions. I do not have the insigth/experience to build such script in asterisk. Here goes:

An employee calls a truck driver to get status of a delivery. The driver is in the middle of handling a packet and is unable to answer the phone. Shortly after, the driver has time to attend his mobile phone which displays a missed call. He dials back and get the companys IVR - the driver has no idea who he should be talking to.

Instead of sending the driver to the IVR, the pbx should recognize the drivers phone number and route the call back to the extension that tried to call him earlier. The script will need to take care of stale entries - calls older than, say, 1 hour should be ignored and the call routed normally.


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Ok, under this scenario, what happens if the truck driver simply needs to call his company and does not have an interest in tracking down that last call? The driver will not be able to connect to the person they need to talk to, just the person the PBX 'thinks' they need to talk to. Perhaps add a feature code that will allow the driver the option of connecting to the last caller. That may be better. That aside, what you are talking about it is keeping track of the drivers phone number and the extension that last called him. It's a simple key/value pair that can be put in the Astdb. You will also need to add a second key/value pair that will timeout the entry, along with a CRON job that will expire the entries. Not that difficult to do.

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it might not scale well though. My first question would be why didnt employee X leave voicemail on driver Y's cell phone voicemail so he knew he needed to reach him? :)

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