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On one of our multi-tenant servers (tl versioin: PBX Manager multi-tenant), I am unable to use the thirdlane gui to generate configuration files with BLF or Speed-Dial features for Polycom SpIp SIP-550/650 phones. In the gui, there is a warning " Note that BLF and Speedial buttons require blf_template and speedial_template which may not be available for your phone. " which is true for the Polycom phones.

I could generate the provisioning files on the server directly for these phones. However, we need it to work from the Gui for one of our tenants. Any help is appreciated.


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because thats not how polycom phones provision BLF. In order to create BLF in polycom you short the number of lines your registration spans.

example: 4 buttons.. lines 1-3 are extension 201, line 4 is going to be a BLF key.

in the GUI set registration #1 to 201, to span 3 keys

nothing else should be on this screen.. save and provision

now your phone should show 201 for line keys 1 - 3

line 4 is going to show you the first 'contact' stored on the phone. Go to the contact you want to buddy-watch (create if necessary), change the speed dial index to #1 and select yes for 'watch buddy'.

now this contact appears on line 4 and the BLF works as long as asterisk has been set up correctly for that extension.

Erik Smith
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